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Best Holy Quran application for Android phones and iPhone for free 2019

Best Holy Quran application for Android phones and iPhone for free 2019

    Best Holy Quran application for Android phones and iPhone for free 2019

    Best Holy Quran application for Android phones and iPhone for free 2019
    Holy Quran
     Have you ever thought about memorizing the Qur'an? Have you been saved easily? It's on your mobile to read the book of God.

    Application of the Holy Quran:

    It is important in your life as a Muslim to know the approach of the Lord that God wants you to follow, and the best and most important means is the Quran because the Constitution of the Lord is the house of God Almighty to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. To guide servants to the path of God without deviation or misguidance, but you may find yourself very busy with the Quran as a result of the circumstances of daily life with its rapid and diverse events that go through you.
    You may find time pulling out of your hands because you cannot ablution and go to the mosque to read the Qur'an and manage meanings, or to delay your work to your home and do not find the opportunity to read in the book of God either because you need to sleep or because of your fears, so with the successive technological development, which greatly facilitated One of the things that we could not do in the past, it was necessary to harness technology to serve you as a Muslim to benefit as much as possible the thing in existence, the Quran . 

    In a quick response to the needs of Muslims around the world, Kuwait Finance House (KFH) immediately introduced the Holy Quran Program, which is dedicated to presenting the entire Quran in beautiful and wonderful ways and a wonderful Ottoman drawing.

    Quranic verses:

    The verses of the Qur'an have a special charm and have a profound impact on the human psyche. It treats your mind and heart together in superb language systems. Do not deprive yourself of this beautiful feeling of comfort and tranquility that you find when you move between the wall of the Quran and read and manage the meanings of the verses and listen to know the divine guidance and important guidance that guides your life for the better you.

    Qur'an Verses:

    The application displays the distinctive Quran drawing Ottoman distinctive and beautiful picture enables you to read the roses that you read daily and save and follow them daily. KFH has been keen to benefit the Muslim man around the world with modern technology to be able to read the daily images of the Holy Quran to keep pace with the conditions of life every day you live, it provides the Quran wall writings and signs of verses and fence in a way that interacts with you and the book of God and help you to read more carefully and identify Places to stop when you want to stop reading and return to them again.

    Quran in your hand:

    Certainly you are carrying a smartphone today because of the wide spread among people, and that the mobile phone that is in your hands more useful and valuable for you as an enthusiastic Muslim close to his Lord and the farmer in the world and the hereafter, we have provided you a very wonderful application is the application of the Quran.
     Your phone on the Quran holds it in your hands anywhere and can read the Quran and listen to it any time you want.
    It is easy for you today to open the application on your phone to show you the Quran , which is full of beautiful and meaningful writings, so distinguish the place of the verse where you stood in reading to follow me again, as the application enabled you to continue reading and reflect the meanings of the verses easily, you do not need now to go to the mosque or sit in Your home to open the Quran and read it, or carry the Quran paper with you where to go has fallen to the ground or damage, so the utility of the electronic Quran you more.

    The Qur'an is written:

    The specialized Islamic program offers you the Holy Quran written in pdf format on your Android phone to be able to read easily and you can zoom in and out of the page as you like according to the vision, you can also increase or decrease the brightness of the screen to see it clearly and read the words and think about the meanings and what it aims.

    Memorizing the Quran:

    In order to memorize the Qur'an, you must read it frequently and repeat the verses continuously and regularly to prove in your memory and you can recite it without looking at the Holy Quran. Much as it increases the power of your concentration and develops your brain cells to absorb a lot of events and understand them and read their backgrounds more than those who do not memorize the Quran .

    Prayers from the Quran :

    Dear reader benefited a lot as someone who downloaded the application of the Quran , to save his prayers from the Quran by reading the Quran every day and save with reflection in the meanings of words and verses to understand and know what refers to happiness in the world and the Hereafter, and what you can most benefit from is the supplications contained in the Quran and these prayers that It came through the prophets of Allah and His messengers, which they called in different times and received by their need, which they requested from God Almighty and responded to their Lord thanks to him and his charity.
    The prayer is a great treasure for those who know his destiny and benefited from him in seeking what he wants from his Lord because Allah Almighty is capable of everything and nothing is incapable of him in the earth or in heaven, but that He is the Creator of all creation. In the Holy Quran, memorize these prayers and pray to God to get what you want.

    Advantages of the application of the Quran :

    The application of the Quran many features that we would like to take note of them in order to get to know this very wonderful application and download it immediately on your phone to live with him in the light of the Quran , including:
    • The application is concerned with the provision of the Quran text Ottoman calligraphy familiar to us all and the most obvious in reading, and the most attractive and comfortable to the eye of the reader, which raises in yourself to reflect on the meanings of the verses and focus when you read them to understand the signals contained in your Lord to you and come closer and more than God Almighty to be Winners in this world and the Hereafter.
    • The application is characterized that it helps you to memorize the Quran through the use of modern mobile phone technologies and that you can save the place of verses within the page you were reading so you can refer to when you want with the use of multiple indicators in different colors to distinguish the verse that stopped then You have to read the issue of continuous reading and seal the Quran more than once.
    • It is nice in the application that takes into account the different times, whether at night or day, when you read the Quran during the day may not need high illumination of the screen and the lines in the Quran are in the usual black color with a white background, while when you want to read at night, the application creates the right conditions for it where It converts the lines in white and makes the background black to relax your eye while reading at night.
    • You can search for verses, fence and pages easily and conveniently through the text search feature in the application to quickly reach what you want effortlessly.
    At the end of the hadeeth: Explain to you that reading the Qur'an continuously is very important to you in your life, you may wonder .. And how?
     See the Quran opens the hearts locks whether you read and you understand the meanings or not, making it more aware and aware, as the Quran Noor illuminates the heart and mind Vixbk special special make you distinguish clearly between right and wrong, and if you have a conscious heart aware and enlightened mind,
     you inevitably have the tools of success In your life, whether you are a trader, a farmer, an educated person or a craft owner, if we add the crucial element which is Allah's satisfaction with you and his love for you and your care for you, you are definitely one of those who wrote to them happiness in this world and the hereafter.

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